We offer office, storage, and laboratory space in the Starter-Zentrum Dieprahm and in the adjacent office building.

Starter-Zentrum 2:
The following office unit can be obtained immediately:
Unit 570,62(84,11)m²2 rooms a 27 m², entry room 11 m², 1 room 5 m²

Our services for you in the Starter-Zentrum

The Starter-Zentrum Dieprahm in Kamp-Lintfort has been offering high-quality and flexible office space since the year 2000.

Originally operated as a center for technology-oriented start-ups, meanwhile the premises are also appreciated by established companies. In accordance with the promotional concept, the initial rent for start-ups is low. Free spaces are offered under the heading "Topical". We will be happy to answer queries. Questions about business start-ups and possible financial support are answered free of charge by the counceling center of district wesel Entwicklungs-Agentur Wirtschaft of the district Wesel.

Benefit from the location's potential

Kamp-Lintfort in the Kreis Wesel – a town in the Lower Rhine region with about 39.000 inhabitants, location of the Rhein-Waal University and Logport IV.

You will feel comfortable with us:

You work in the pleasant surroundings of the Dieprahm Technology Park, in a modern, fully accessible building.

We offer various sizes of office space on two floors, plus rentable parking spaces right next to the building.

New office building in Dieprahm

A new office building with attached kindergarten has been built adjacent to the existing Starter-Zentrum Dieprahm.

Multi-functional storage facilities of 75 m² each and a ceiling height of about 4,40 m are provided on the building's ground floor. Thanks to the high-quality interior fittings, these spaces can also be used as loft offices or laboratories.

The building includes 12 offices on the upper floor, with areas of about 32 m² each, which can be sub-divided if necessary.

The kindergarten "Die vier Elemente" that is sound-insulated from the offices and stores, has been provided in the rear part of the building. The kindergarten is also available for employees of the neighbouring Technology Park.

Companies in the Starter-Zentrum

  • BuS-Concept
  • Coduct GmbH
  • DeGIV GmbH
  • Dickmann, Steuerberater
  • E+S Kassensysteme GmbH
  • Kalthöfer Telekommunikation GmbH
  • Infinisys GmbH
  • Landesgartenschau Kamp-Lintfort 2020 GmbH
  • MKA Recycling GmbH
  • NutriVille
  • SPuBA UG
  • wemogy